Tim Condon

Director/Senior Financial Planner

Tim is the Director of Partners in Wealth and commenced his career in the Financial Services Industry over 12 years ago.

Tim is passionate about assisting his clients in planning for financial freedom. An expert in retirement planning strategies and portfolio construction allows Tim to tailor a financial plan suited to your individual goals.

Outside the office, Tim enjoys golf, and spending time on the water while teaching his daughter how to paddle a Kayak and fish.

Fiona Castle

Financial Planner/Aged Care Specialist

Fiona is a Financial Planner and our Aged Care Specialist offering assistance and guidance, to help our clients achieve retirement goals, or transitioning to residential Aged Care. Fiona finds it very satisfying knowing that she has offered a solution to a clients problem.

Outside the office, Fiona’s Husband coaches, and she manages their son’s rugby league team, their daughter is the water girl. They all love football, it’s something that brings the whole family together.

Sarah Condon

Operations Manager

Sarah joined the business in 2018 as our Operations Manager, Sarah uses her experience in business development and customer service to ensure a smooth operating process, allowing our planners to focus on the most important part of our business, our clients.

Outside the office, Sarah enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with her Husband Tim and their daughter Grace, she is passionate about the Health and Wellbeing of others.