Why Us

Why Should You Trust Partners In Wealth?

Simple – we earn our clients’ trust through our professional actions and the results we deliver.

We are not your typical Financial Planning firm.

We have been working to help retirees with their finances for many years. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of retirement planning means that you can rest assured knowing that your finances are in good hands.

We proudly use our own research based Strategy First approach to Financial Planning to ensure that our recommendations meet your best interests. This approach also ensures that our advice is always based on achieving the best result for our clients, and not recommending whatever the current investment fad is.

We offer a range of services covering (but not limited to): General retirement planning, Investment advice, Estate planning, Insurances, Handling redundancy, Superannuation (including SMSF), and Divorce settlements.

Our Six Step process allows us to gain a detailed and in-depth understanding of your whole financial situation and formulate a relevant tailored financial plan that when implemented will deliver the results you desire. This approach enables us to reduce the amount of time you personally spend managing your financial affairs.

We are genuinely passionate about what we do. As an expert team we work together to ensure that you receive exceptional outcomes, across all areas of your financial affairs.

We are committed to ethical financial planning; which means that we believe that clients should be treated in a professional, transparent and ethical manner at all times, Trust & Responsibility.

Partners in Wealth do not undervalue the trust and responsibility that you place in us by engaging in our services. Our advice will shape your financial future for years to come and it is therefore of paramount importance that we fully understand your current circumstances, aims, objectives, dreams and aspirations.

In order to make sure our advice is totally relevant and tailored to your circumstances, we invest a fair amount of time and energy into the initial information gathering stage of the advice process. We will complete a comprehensive Personal Profile with you, as well as a Risk Profiling questionnaire. Often the results of our Risk Profiler are quite thought provoking! We also utilise a number of other financial psychological tools depending on individual circumstances.

Through this diligent process, we will deliver recommendations that are totally tailored to you.

Please click here for a detailed rundown on our 6-Stage Process.