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We Can Help You With Centrelink

Centrelink, and other government payments, form the third pillar of Australian retirement funding. Knowing what Centrelink payments you’re entitled to, and how much you should receive helps to safeguard against overpayment and owing Centrelink money. One of Partners In Wealth’s expert Financial Planners can provide you with the financial advice you need to make the best decisions for your future.

We Can Help With

  • Centrelink entitlement advice
  • Centrelink payment estimates and advice
  • Helping you apply for a Centrelink payment
  • Liasing with Centrelink on your behalf.
  • Age Pension advice
  • DVA Pension advice
  • Newstart Allowance Advice

2 Replies to “Centrelink Advice”

  1. I will shortly come into a lump sum settlement at the end of my marriage. I am 55 and haven’t worked for 2.5 years as I was a carer for my adult son with cancer (he survived) for a year and then the last 1.5 years not able to work because of my bipolar. My husband and I separated 02/05/17 and I have been getting Newstart however as I don’t think I can work I am chasing a disability pension and I am wanting advice as to how best to invest my money as I am currently living at my mum’s and would have too much money for Centrelink support I think and would have to live off my own money until retirement age. I would like to buy a house for my son to live in. But maybe I need to buy a house for me to live in so as to not lose my entitlements.

    1. Hi there. Sound’s like you have a complicated decision to be made. We might be able to help. If you’d like to talk to one of our Financial Planners, please don’t hesitate to call or email our office.

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